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SEO for Better Content Marketing Team Penodia

It is our job as marketers to provide our customers with quality experiences. One way we can provide a quality experience is by implementing a customer focused content marketing program. Content marketing comes in all shapes and sizes, including blog posts, infographics, email, podcasts.Every online channel provides a unique way for us to reach our audience. With that idea in mind, we need to optimize each content asset to make it easier for people to find.

Competition for your audience’s attention has never been higher and many marketers are finding it challenging to get their content in front of the right audience. This challenge will continue to become more difficult with about 91% of B2B marketers claiming that they are already using content marketing. Although that number is high, many have the opportunity to better optimize the content that is already being created.

In this post we’ll cover basic SEO tactics that content marketers can deploy to make content assets easier for your audience to find via search engines.

TopRank Marketing tip: Utilize Google Search Console to find keywords that you may be ranking for on page three or four that are receiving a high amount of impressions. Focus on updating pages related to the keywords or consider developing a new content asset. If you are somewhat nerdy like me, then take use of the Google Search Console API to pull massive lists of keywords instead of being blocked at 1,000 keywords in the Google Search Console platform.

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